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 Hellcraft WoW Rules!

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PostSubject: Hellcraft WoW Rules!   Hellcraft WoW Rules! Icon_minitimeSat Jan 05, 2008 1:02 am

Rules and Consiquences:
(1) = rule # (c)= consiquence

1) No Spamming
c) If Spamming Consists You Will Be Muted

2) No Cheating of ANY Kind
c) You Will Be Banned!

3) No Racism Allowed
c) Racist Comments = 3 day ban and If It Consists Perm IP BAN!

4) We Dont Mind Cursing Just Dont Make A Habbit
c) If We Find That You Have Been Cussing Up A Storm You Will Be Muted For 7 Days

5) Kill Stealing
c) kill stealing is banable
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Hellcraft WoW Rules!
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